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Still Here!!!

Okay, so I know this is a not-so-awesome start to this blog but school has been extremely hectic. I’m still here and I have so many amazing ideas and such for this blog. I’ve just been swamped with work and stressed because of it. Anyway, Good news! I now have a laptop to blog off of. It’s old and cracked so bare with me but working non-the-less. So I don’t like making promises I can’t keep or tight slim promises and this is a stretch but…. I promise to have a video up by next Monday the 2nd of April. I’m extremely excited and looking forward to accomplishing this milestone! Until then I’m still posting the giveaways and I’ve just won my 3rd giveaway of the year last weekend so get your entries in and win some free stuff for yourselves!!!! So thank you guys for baring with me and for being you!!! Love you all and hope you all have a Beautiful week.


Aaaaannnnnddddd GO!

Well everybody, my bio sums it up. I’m still under construction because I currently don’t own a laptop and it may take a minute. But if I waited until all the components come together nothing would get done. Sometimes you just have to start and go. So there will be a more info related video coming sometime soon but for now to get started I’m going to post a few giveaways for you guys/gals to enter if you would like. Just check back and “Like” my Facebook page 2BeautifulLae. Alrightly, it’s late but thanks already for reading!!!!!