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Update!! ;]

Hey guys. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. Just been busy with finals and such and I haven’t been feeling well lately but I’m still alive. I haven’t updated the page in a quick minute but I’m about to delete old posts now and I’ll put up the newest giveaways tomorrow. Also just some info that I’ve decided to do to separate giveaways, one on my Facebook page 2BeautifulLae when I get to 30 Likes (currently at 12) and one on my YT channel when I hit 50 subbies. I’m going to try to put a video up Friday because I’ll be done with most of my finals and it’s my day of rest before continuing my finals next week. Well that’s it. Keep passing me ofn and remember to Stay Beautiful!!! ;]


Haul and Pre-Giveaway Info

Finally Some Info!!

So Sorry :/

As you can tell I wasn’t able to post the video yesterday and I’m disappointed in myself for not being able to since I promised. :/ But I have my laptop back and it’s running like brand new so I¬†will have time to record the video today after classes. It’s been said by other Beauties that the uploading/editing process on Youtube may take awhile but I will try to have it up by tonight. Thanks for baring with me through all of this and continue to get your entries in for those giveaways…. Love Life, Lae… ;]