Trying to inspire one video at a time…

So the webcam came and I’m back up and running. When you get a chance check out my vids Quick Neutral-Pop Tutorial and I’m Baaaaaack!!! I have 5 videos lined up to film and I’m determined to find the time between my jobs. I’m aiming to film sometime tomorrow or if I’m lucky later today. I’m so excited to get started again! Still working on the page bug and I’m thinking of redoing some of my giveaway strategy. But the point is that I’M DOING! I was reading back through some old posts that I wrote back when I somewhat wrote poetry and I found the post that got me started on all of this:

  • Inner Beauty

Noticing true things. In my positive abandonment my goal was to get in touch with myself. Play inspiring music, long shower, time with myself. Instead I was greeted with animosity, betrayal, and purposefully shut out. And yet I am thankful for this. Some people are not meant to be in your life for a positive reason. They are set there to show you about yourself, to show you what you’re not, to better you with their indifference and dislike. When inspiration is spoken of it is rarely referred to be found in strife and hurt, yet from this is where some of the most inspiring thoughts come from. At the end of this period of alone time I opened the door to find happiness and peace. Self worth. Self knowledge. An inner connection with myself. Today I find Beauty all around me. Most importantly in me. My heart is filled with Beauty.

And at least here on the blog I want to get back on the focus. I’ll be posting more inspirational things here and at the beginning of my videos I’m going to start it with an inspirational pic or saying. They’re going to vary between my FB page, Twitter page, and on here so be sure to follow me. I want to be different and ultimately pass a little Beauty everyone’s way. My YT channel will not only be about makeup, reviews, and such but only a vlog on how I may get through a bad day and keep chugging along. I also want to hear from you. All the details will be in my next video so stay with me. And remember…. Stay Beautiful…


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