Trying to inspire one video at a time…

If your reading this then I’m hoping you watched my last video and you’re here for swatches! If not then I’m still excited you’re here and you should check me out!

Okay, as always right into things well lets start with the China Glaze polish I had: Sky High-Top

I was experimenting with coats and how each layer changes the shade up a bit. One coat started off like a baby blue, but there wasn’t much of a difference between two and three coats. There is a little streaking but nothing too major. I look forward to using this polish as an accent color from my normal summer blend.

On to the Wet n Wild! I had two shades: Tickled Pink and Sunny Side Up

These pretty colors only took two coats to get it completely covered. I like that they came just in time for summer. This pink it just too cute and coming from me that big because I don’t even really like pink but it’s been starting to grow on me lately. Perfect for your Barbie girl mani, the only thing I didn’t like about this color is that I wished it was a little more consistent. It’s kinda sloppy but that aside it’s definitely a Pretty addition to my little collection.

As for Sunny Side Up, I just adore it!! I’ve been looking for my perfect shade of summer orange and I think it’s been found!!! This shade was slightly more consistent than the pink and glided on perfectly. I can’t wait to use it in my next mani. Considering these are my first two Wet n Wild colors the possibility of getting more is promising…  Thanks to TanejasBride, I was able to give Wet n Wild a whirl. Thank you again, and you Beauties check her out!! Be sure to tell her I sent you!

Hand’s down my favorite brand from this haul was the SinfulColors I bought: Snow Me White, Innocent, and Call You Later.

So I’ve been searching high and low for the right accent white. I’ve been thinking of doing a white french mani and using colored nail art accents to match my work shirts so that my nails match my job for a change. What do you think?

Innocent is also a color I’ve been searching for. Even though I like greens more for spring I’m incorporating it into my summer flow this year. Also what I love about SinfulColors is it only takes one coat for that perfect look. Not much to say on this one, just too ready to try it out.

And last but cerainly not least is Call You Later. I loive the texture of this polish. iThe flakes aren’t so big that they overpower and the gold accent brings it together wonderfully. I’m thinking of sliding it over a Innocent french mani to compliment…

The adventurous side of me attempted to do a Fish tail Mani from Lucy’s Stash….

Needless to say… it wasn’t a complete fail. lol Maybe next time… But why don’t you try it out and let me know….

Now on to the good stuff. I came across this vid from someone I’m subbed to on YT and I love her vids but his one stuck out to me and I’m thinking on doing something like this. I love what she has to say and I completely agree. What do you think? Check her out, watch the vid, and let her know I sent you.

And remember Beauties,
  Stay Beautiful!!!!


Comments on: "Haul Swatches and Positivity Tips" (2)

  1. Thank you so much for this dear! I want to make more videos like this! what should my next one be about? xoxo Daisy

    • I’m actually trying to come up with a list of positive/motivational/inspiring topics. If you’ve read a few of my posts, you’ll see my goal is to inspire inner Beauty. Maybe we could collab on it? Just an idea. And while I’ve got you, how do you edit your videos?

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