Trying to inspire one video at a time…

Haven’t made a post in a minute because I was focused on my Facebook giveaway which I am glad is over. Whew!! This was my first giveaway and I didn’t realize how much work it was but it was definitely a learning experience and I’m grateful for it. Thank you everyone who entered and congrats to the  winner Shipra ‘Gupta’ Taneja AKA Tanejasbride – A Blog about Cosmetics & Nail Polish. Check her out when you get a chance. What’s funny is that I just did swatches for the Summer Giveaway I won from her and she turns around and wins my giveaway.

Moving on… I’ve noticed that my Facebook page has turned into mostly a giveaway page and I think I’m going to leave it as just that and focus on the blog here and my YouTube videos. So from now on my Facebook page will not required for anything unless you personally want to like to enter giveaways.  If you’ve already “Liked” and you see my page as spam feel free to “Unlike” but please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check back in with the blog.

And on to the good stuff….. I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING!!!…. Just Kidding… But I saw a pic on Pinterest about how someone used nail polish to personalize their plain jewelry…


AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD…….. I tried it myself on these earrings from my local Dollar Dillard…

I used my SinfulColors Nail Art Polish and put a light coat over the fake diamonds and VVWWWAAALLLLAAA!!!!

Pretty”NEW” Earrings for $1…. Definitely going back to get more so I can personalize them to what I wear. What do you think?


Also Today is the first day of Inspiration Week so Please Watch my latest video on Youtube {Motivational Monday}!!!!


Comments on: "D.I.Y. Earrings Idea! / Motivational Monday" (3)

  1. I LOVE the DIY idea!!!! When I go to India next, I’m going to grab tons of costume jewelry to do that to! 🙂 And, yay for me winning your giveaway! 🙂

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