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Mani Monday

This post is completely over due but better late than never. Haven’t posted a Mani Monday in awhile but I’ve been taking pics still so here’s Multiple Mani Monday.

First I have this random creation, Watermelon, I made from the colors in my nail haul. I was playing around with the colors and I wanted to see Call Me Later [the green glitter color] on top of another color because I didn’t think it would fair well alone. I sampled it with Sunny Side Up [a summer orange], Tickled Pink [a pale pink], and Innocent [a spring green] and it went with the green the best.  I figured the green and pink combo is summery and used the pink as a simple accent on my index finger. The way they got their name is because the next day when I went to work my coworker said my nails looked like watermelons and made her hungry hence Watermelon nails. ;]

When I was ready to change, I noticed it was about time for a trim because my nails started to get caught in everything. I loathe cutting my nails because I’m afraid I’ll cut them too short or I’ll shape them crooked. I managed but since the were short I decided to keep it simple. I did a blue french mani and added a flower. Keeping the summer theme going. ;] Not much to say about this one so….. On to the next!

Patriotic Nails! Still short so just a simple Red, White, and Blue. I went out and got SinfulColors in a red shade to complete this look. I was excited because it was the first time I’ve done a 4th of July nail. Well now you’re all caught up!

And if you get a change check out my YouTube channel for my Inspiration week!!! Have a great week guys!!!!


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