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So this may be new to some of you but I ordered a Beauty Army box for my birthday. Not many people have heard of Beauty Army so I wanted to do a review on it.
Beauty Army is a $12 personalized monthly subscription box that provides you with up to 6 samples of beauty products. They carry samples of makeup, skin, hair care, body, fragrance, nails and men’s samples. Most samples are packaged in tubes, jars, pumps, sprays, xela packs and some packettes. In addition to samples, they have some full size products that they include in your recommended samples.

How does it work? The total process can take only a few minutes.

  1. Complete the beauty profile to reveal your nine personalized products.
  2. Choose 4 to 6 product samples.
  3. Enter your shipping info and… Done!

If you want don’t particularly like what you see Re-take your beauty profile to see a different selection.

My experience:

I wish I had taken a screen pic of what my original nine options where but here are the six I chose…

  • EGYPTIAN MAGIC – All Purpose Skin Cream
  • YOUNGBLOOD – Mineral Primer
  • MACADAMIA HAIR – Healing Oil Treatment
  • BATH & BODY WORKS – Sweet Pea Shower Gel
  • EMANI – Foundation Primer & Hydrating Serum
  • LIPSI COSMETICS – Aphrodite Powder
When choosing my samples I picked products I really wanted to try. I chose the Macadamia Hair Heating Oil Treatment because I’ve been wanting to try this product for a long time but I didn’t have the $$ to go full size. I chose the primer because I needed a one and I can make samples last because I don’t wear makeup often. As for the powder, I’ve only worn powder once and that was because the department store lady was trying to get me to buy it and I wanted to know what it’s like. Some of you know that I work at Bath&Body Works so I picked that sample to possibly put in a giveaway. It’s a travel size item that normally retails for $5 (or 3 for $10). And because I wanted to get a total of 6 items I chose the Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. It’s already paid for so why not? Below is a slideshow of the Packaging and the items. I loved the package it came in and the way it opened. It’s very creative and the box can be reused! I’m looking forward to decorating it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One other thing I loved about them is that they give you the option to Skip the month anytime. I love this because if for some reason I can’t budget it that month I can skip without canceling my subscription. Also if you would like to purchase full-size versions of the samples that’s available too. Just go to “My Shop” and the full-sizes will be there and you can purchase other items full price too but the shipping on all full-size orders are $5.95 (which is really good). For a full list of the brands offered click here:  http://www.beautyarmy/brands. Well I’ve shared my story with you and if you would like to give it a try you can click this link here -> BeautyArmy!!


Again Beauty Army Membership costs $12 a month and that includes free shipping. If you’d like there is also an annual membership option for $132 a year which includes a free month! Every month you’ll always have 5 days to select your samples. The beginning of that 5 days is based on the day you first signed up. If you signed up on Jan 5th, you’ll always have the 5th to the 10th to select. No need to remember this though because they’ll remind you with an email. If you don’t select samples then they will be chosen for you. If you like to be surprised that’s a cool option.  If you have any other questions about my samples or my experience leave a comment and I’ll answer back!! Love you all and remember Stay Beautiful!

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