Trying to inspire one video at a time…


Hello all!!! My name is Elaya but I’m best known as Lae. I’m 18 and just finish my second year of college. A few things about me are that I am an aspiring model, I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet, and I love trying new things. I started this blog to keep myself lifted in life and to inspire myself and others to continue to find the beauty in themselves. I’m no Pro and this is just my attempt to start a Beauty Blog and stick with it. I am in no way a beauty guru and I’m not trying to be one. I’m hoping to learn so much from you my readers and maybe you’ll learn from me. I hope you all are inspired in some way by me and remember to Stay Beautiful…

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  1. Shanel Scott said:

    Aww im so proud of my Lae-bae…. I didn’t know how hard you’ve been working on this and it looks like a real hard work went into this! I’m so proud babe and keep showing your beauty from within because the your physical beauty isn’t hard to miss ;-)!

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