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September Favorites!!!

First I want to say sorry for the technical difficulties I’ve ran into this month. I want you all to know I’ve been working on it almost everyday… I’ve trying so many different things and nothing working. So in the meantime I’m going back to posting here that way I don’t completely disappear from your minds. I WILL CONTINUE ON! Now I know it’s late in the week but I really wanted to get my September Favs out. There are two categories, Hair and Home. 

My Hair Favs this month are….

Macadamia Hair – Healing Oil Treatment

There has been so much hype behind the Macadamia Hair products and I really wanted to see what it was all about. This product is normally on the more expensive side but I ended up getting a sample in my Beauty Army Box (Which I’m doing a review on later). This is AMAZING and I would totally buy it full price because it is worth it! Since I’ve started using it my hair has been so much healthier. It isn’t oily or leave a residue but you can see the results. I’m contemplating using my next check to get the Hair Masque  because of the great reviews. These products are great for all hair types: Natural, Curly, Ethnic, Non-ethnic, Relaxed, Colored, etc. Anything you can think of, I mean all hair types. It’s getting a definite 5/5 from me.

Coconut Oil

The other oil I’m raving about this month is Coconut oil. This is the brand I got from GNC but any Natural Coconut Oil is okay. I would have preferred to get some from the Farmer’s Market that way it’s not processed but I didn’t have the gas $$ to get up there. But Coconut Oil keeps your hair strong. If you have shedding issues I strongly recommend Coconut Oil. It’s left my hair stronger and gives it a natural shine. 

Tresemme’ – Thermal Creations Heat Tamer

Switched up my Straightening spray to this. It’s so much better than what I was using before. There’s no residue on my hair after I use it. My hair is silky soft after and it doesn’t take much to do the trick. Just spray lightly all over your hair before you brow dry or flat iron and Bam! Soft, straight hair!

On to home, there are just two items and they are both candles… I received a White Sands candle for Associate Appreciation week at my job and even though it’s a Summer candle it goes great with these fall rainy days. The other candle I won in a work contest it’s Pineapple Mango. You would think this would be a Summer scent but it’s actually great for fall. It adds just a comforting  sweet fall fruity smell for those cold days.

These are my September Favorites I hope you all enjoyed!! And just stick with me until I get my Videos back up!!! Stay Beautiful!!!


Beautiful People…

I wanted to do a shout-out today to Jessica Joaquin. Jessica is a Youtuber I watch and she does D.I.Y.s and Crafts and such. Recently Jessica suffered a Bleeding Stroke and I just wanted to shout her out and send her some love. She is a Beautiful person and even through this ordeal she manages to talk about what she’s going through. I see  her as an inspiration! If you can please head over to her YouTube channel and send her some love. Tell her 2BeautifulLae sent you and please show her some support…

Shoutout to TheEasyDIY

I’m back Beauties with my new obsession: Accent Nails!!! One of my viewers on YouTube requested that I do more nail related videos and in looking into this I fell in love with the trend. If you follow me on instagram (elwluva) you’ve seen my latest looks but for those of you who haven’t peeped it here they are….

What do you Beauties think??? Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel…. Here’s my lastest video to date… Click here.. Check me out!!!


























Some new looks I’ve done recently….

Attemptive Twist Out…

So some of you may already know from Twitter that I recently attempted a “Twist Out.” Here are the steps and the results. [Warning: Twist out styles are tricky and no two twist outs are exactly the same because everyone’s curl pattern is different. Yours may look different from mine.]

You will need:

  1. Your Shampoo and Conditioner
  2. A Wide-toothed comb
  3. A Leave-In Conditioner
  4. Free time

This was my first real attempt at a Twist Out so bare with me. The best time to do this is right before bed FYI. First, I Shampooed (funny word) and Conditioned my hair as normal… [I leave my conditioner in for an hour before I wash it out.]

Naturally what resulted was my curly fro since my hair is ending its transition from relaxed to natural hair. [I stopped putting relaxers in my hair about 2 yrs ago but instead of cutting it off I let the relaxed hair eventually break off (I didn’t take care of my hair)] I pat dried my hair just enough to where it wasn’t dripping, leaving it damp. Then, I parted my hair into sections so it was easier to work with and carefully combed out one section. Next, I applied the Leave-In Conditioner to that section all over and started twisting. When you twist you take two small groups of hair and twist them around each other. It should look something like this…

You don ‘t have to part each twist out with the comb, you can just estimate them and try to keep them around the same size. Also twist down the way you would want your hair to fall when you take it out. I didn’t realize this until later. Continue to twist until the section is done and then take another section and repeat the steps of combing, applying the Leave-In Conditioner, and twisting…

Almost Done…





And Finished!!! Now cover your head with your scarf, doo rag, etc. For the night…



In the morning untwist the curls and then split your two strands two or three times… (I didn’t know you were suppose to do that so my initial look was a mess of curls and I ended fixing it up like this…


But when someone let me on to the trick the final result ended like this…

Min turn out more like a twisty fro because back when I was twisting it I twisted straight out instead of twisting down the way I wanted them to fall… But hey, Trial and Error. I personally liked the end result. As my girlfriend put it, “It’s wild, untamed, and free!!!” Once I master the look I very well may do a video tutorial on it. But until then you can follow the video I watched…

Well there you go! Tell me what you think in the comments below! Also please follow me on YouTube by clicking HERE! Remember, Stay Beautiful!!!

Mani Monday

This post is completely over due but better late than never. Haven’t posted a Mani Monday in awhile but I’ve been taking pics still so here’s Multiple Mani Monday.

First I have this random creation, Watermelon, I made from the colors in my nail haul. I was playing around with the colors and I wanted to see Call Me Later [the green glitter color] on top of another color because I didn’t think it would fair well alone. I sampled it with Sunny Side Up [a summer orange], Tickled Pink [a pale pink], and Innocent [a spring green] and it went with the green the best.  I figured the green and pink combo is summery and used the pink as a simple accent on my index finger. The way they got their name is because the next day when I went to work my coworker said my nails looked like watermelons and made her hungry hence Watermelon nails. ;]

When I was ready to change, I noticed it was about time for a trim because my nails started to get caught in everything. I loathe cutting my nails because I’m afraid I’ll cut them too short or I’ll shape them crooked. I managed but since the were short I decided to keep it simple. I did a blue french mani and added a flower. Keeping the summer theme going. ;] Not much to say about this one so….. On to the next!

Patriotic Nails! Still short so just a simple Red, White, and Blue. I went out and got SinfulColors in a red shade to complete this look. I was excited because it was the first time I’ve done a 4th of July nail. Well now you’re all caught up!

And if you get a change check out my YouTube channel for my Inspiration week!!! Have a great week guys!!!!

Haven’t made a post in a minute because I was focused on my Facebook giveaway which I am glad is over. Whew!! This was my first giveaway and I didn’t realize how much work it was but it was definitely a learning experience and I’m grateful for it. Thank you everyone who entered and congrats to the  winner Shipra ‘Gupta’ Taneja AKA Tanejasbride – A Blog about Cosmetics & Nail Polish. Check her out when you get a chance. What’s funny is that I just did swatches for the Summer Giveaway I won from her and she turns around and wins my giveaway.

Moving on… I’ve noticed that my Facebook page has turned into mostly a giveaway page and I think I’m going to leave it as just that and focus on the blog here and my YouTube videos. So from now on my Facebook page will not required for anything unless you personally want to like to enter giveaways.  If you’ve already “Liked” and you see my page as spam feel free to “Unlike” but please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and check back in with the blog.

And on to the good stuff….. I HAVE FOUND MY CALLING!!!…. Just Kidding… But I saw a pic on Pinterest about how someone used nail polish to personalize their plain jewelry…


AAAANNNNNNNDDDDD…….. I tried it myself on these earrings from my local Dollar Dillard…

I used my SinfulColors Nail Art Polish and put a light coat over the fake diamonds and VVWWWAAALLLLAAA!!!!

Pretty”NEW” Earrings for $1…. Definitely going back to get more so I can personalize them to what I wear. What do you think?


Also Today is the first day of Inspiration Week so Please Watch my latest video on Youtube {Motivational Monday}!!!!

Remember that Positivity Tips video? Well I found her blog and stumbled on to this. It goes back into Achieving YOUR own inner Happiness. Loved what she had to say so I’m sharing it with you… Read on and remember, Stay Beautiful.